Connecting the Excel Add-in to your own ADAPA Instance

To use your own private ADAPA instance, make sure the Use Demo check box is not checked in the Excel Add-in "Setup Connection" dialog box. The required web service URL can be found in the ADAPA Help page, which is accessible from the top of the ADAPA Web Console.
In the help page, scroll-down to the Web Services section and Table 1. Locate the service URL link associated to the Models Web Service (first entry in the table).
In most web browsers, you can right-click on the link to copy it and then paste it in the URL field of the Excel Add-in "Setup Connection" dialog box.
The Email and Password fields need to be filled with the email and password you use to log in into the ADAPA Web Console.

Installing the Zementis Security Certificate

Finally, please note that in order to access your instance on the cloud, you may need to install the Zementis Security Certificate first. Do that using Internet Explorer (IE). Click HERE for instructions (do not use Firefox or another browser besides IE).


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