ADAPA Add-in for Excel - On-Line Video Tutorial

The ADAPA Add-in for Excel (2007 and 2010) has been a great success story for Zementis. Many Excel users have already benefited from the add-in and are finding out how easy it is to finally have predictive analytics at their fingertips.

To help users get the most out of the add-in and to demo its capabilities, we have put together a video that shows the scoring of 3 data sets which are made available together with the add-in. You can decide to watch the video in high resolution or in YouTube. Just click the appropriate link below.

High Res. Video: ADAPA Add-in for Excel

YouTube Video: ADAPA Add-in for Excel

The real power of the add-in however falls on its ingenious use of ADAPA on the Cloud and on Site. This is yet another way for ADAPA users to fully realize the power of their predictive models.


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