Explaining "Apply Model"

The Apply Model dialog box allows you to apply a model to a data set. Note that before applying a model, you need to select the data to be scored. Make sure the area is continuous and that the first row contains the header. Once data is selected, the add-in interprets it as composed of table columns.

Within the dialog box, you can select the model you want to apply, map data set columns to the model input fields, and review the model output fields (scores, probabilities, etc.).

Select Model
To select a model, go to the Select Model section of the Apply Model dialog box and select from the Model drop-down menu the desired model. If you are using the ADAPA demo instance, you can choose one of the three models available. Make sure you choose the right model depending on the data set you want to score. The IrisMLRModel, for example, is to be used to score the Iris data set. If you are using your own ADAPA instance, make sure you upload your models in the instance through its Web Console before attempting to score data through the add-in.
Assign Table Columns to Model Input Fields
Once a model has been selected, the table columns need to be mapped to the model input fields. The ADAPA Add-in will automatically map columns to input fields with matching names, if there are any. You can modify and/or expand the mappings manually by selecting the table column that corresponds to each model input field. To do that, click on the table column drop-down menu associated to an input field and select the right column.
Review Output
In this dialog box, you can also review all the model output fields. After the model is applied, the values for these fields will be provided as additional columns to the right of the selected data. Model outputs are usually scores, probabilities, or categories in case of a classification task.

Once the model has been selected and the table columns have been mapped to the model input fields, you can score your data set by clicking on Score button. Alternatively, click the Close button to exit the Apply Model dialog box without scoring.


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