ADAPA on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

ADAPA® is now available on the Microsoft Azure™ Cloud! With ADAPA® on the Microsoft Cloud, users can benefit from the power of Zementis' real-time PMML-based scoring engine and the trusted performance and reliability of Microsoft Azure™ Cloud. ADAPA® in the Microsoft Azure™ Marketplace comes pre-installed on a virtual server on the cloud. We call this an ADAPA® instance.

In this post, we cover:

  1. What to configure to launch an ADAPA instance
  2. How to ssh into the ADAPA instance


It is easy and fast to launch one or more ADAPA instances from Microsoft Azure™ Marketplace by a few steps that are demonstrated in the following how-to video.

Watch our how-to video


Access to ADAPA Instance

To access the ADAPA® Console, you will need to copy and paste the Public IP address of the running instance you just launched into a new tab of your Web browser.



Remember to type https:// in front of the Public IP address. In this case, the Public IP address is assigned as, you will need to type the following in your Web browser:

Once the ADAPA instance is up and running, users can then access ADAPA® directly through ADAPA® Console. 

Initial log in into ADAPA®

For the first time of accessing ADAPA®, users need to set the initial password via ADAPA® Console.



SSH Access to ADAPA Instance

Finally, once the ADAPA instance is up and running, an user can SSH into the instance by using the following command:

ssh -p portnumber username@ipaddress


  • username is the user name you set while creating the virtual machine of ADAPA® scoring engine
  • portnumber is the port number for SSH access into the virtual machine of ADAPA® scoring engine
  • ipaddress is the Public IP address that is assigned to your instance once it is up

Note that the detailed information of how to create keys and set SSH public keys while launching the virtual machine of ADAPA® scoring engine instance is described in the Microsoft Azure™ documentation: How to Use SSH with Linux and Mac on Azure.


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