Zementis Server on the AWS Marketplace

By using the AWS Marketplace, Zementis Server users can benefit from using the AWS Management Console to launch one or more Zementis Server instances on the Amazon Cloud. Users can also do that by benefiting from the 1-Click Launch feature provided by the AWS Marketplace.

In this posting we cover:

  1. Initial log in into Zementis Server - finding the initial password and changing it
  2. How to ssh into the Zementis Server instance

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Initial login into Zementis Server

In both cases, once the Zementis Server instance is up and running, users can then access Zementis Server directly through its Web Console. To log in the first time around into Zementis Server though, users need to provide the Instance ID as the initial password (password can then be changed later on as depicted below). 

If the Zementis Server instance was launched through the AWS Management Console, the Instance ID (the initial password) can be obtained from the Instances table itself:


Note that to access the Zementis Server Console, you will need to copy and paste the Public DNS for the instance you just launched into a new tab of your Web browser. Remember to type https:// in front of the Public DNS. In this case, if the Public DNS for your instance is, you will need to type the following in your Web browser:

To access the Zementis Server Web UI, simply click on the Open Address hyperlink (The link is provided at the Public DNS field in the specified instance detail page). If it doesn't work, wait a few minutes. The instance may still be initializing.

Once logged in, users can then change the password directly in the Zementis Server Console by following the hyperlink provided on the top right corner:change_pwd_adapaui.png


SSH Access to Zementis Server Instance

Finally, once the Zementis Server instance is up and running, an user can ssh into the instance by using the following command:

ssh -i /location/to/private_key ubuntu@public_dns

sudo su - adapa


  • /location/to/private_key points to the pem file which contains the private key that was configured when the instance was launched
  • ubuntu is the default username for ssh access into Zementis Server instance
  • adapa is the username under which you will find the software installation
  • public_dns is the DNS that is assigned to your instance once it is up


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