3 Ways to Access ADAPA in the Cloud

It is safe to say today that cloud computing is pervasive. More and more individuals and companies are using the cloud from text editing to simulating the weather ... and using ADAPA on the Cloud all over the world to predict customer behavior, risk, machine break-downs, fraud, ... to name a few applications.

At first, users of ADAPA on the Cloud  needed to upload their models through the ADAPA Web Console. From the beginning though, the ADAPA Console also allowed for model verification, batch scoring, as well as data visualization. Web Services were only used for real-time scoring. Today, in addition to real-time scoring, Web Services can also be used to manage models in the Cloud (including uploading and deletion) as well as model verification.

Another addition to the ADAPA on the Cloud "access mode" repertoire is the ADAPA Add-in for Excel. With the add-in, data in Excel can be scored in the Cloud directly. All you need to do is set up the connection, select the data in Excel and press "Score".

In summary, ADAPA allows individuals and companies to benefit from their predictive models right away, since these can be accessed in 3 different ways, via:

  1. The ADAPA Console
  2. Web Services
  3. ADAPA Add-in for Excel

Feel free to take our Cloud Tour for ADAPA on the Amazon Cloud and find out how to start using your predictive models today!


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