Integrating Predictive Models into SAP Applications using ADAPA

In an article recently posted on the SAP Developer Network, Albrecht Weiss describes how to integrate predictive models into SAP applications. The article provides step-by-step instructions to deploy, integrate and execute predictive models based on SAP and Zementis ADAPA.

First, a predictive model is built using the SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench and exported into PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language). The PMML model is then easily deployed using ADAPA on the Cloud and details are given for executing the model using Web Services from inside SAP using ABAP.

The exchange of models between applications is only possible because of PMML since it allows for predictive models (and data manipulation) to be represented in a concise, clear, and standard way. As a matter of fact, PMML is the de facto standard to represent predictive models and is currently supported by the top analytics tools, including SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench and ADAPA.

Click HERE for Albrecht's SAP/ADAPA article.


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