ADAPA Instance on Amazon EC2

An ADAPA instance is basically a virtual machine inside the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It is actually more than a virtual machine, since it comes with the ADAPA Scoring Engine fully installed and ready to be used. 

You can access ADAPA instances in 3 different ways, by using the ADAPA Console (through your web-browser), the Excel add-in, or through Web Services. See figure below.

ADAPA instances are of different types (for details, refer to the Amazon AWS Marketplace). These are just different configurations which offer distinct computational resources such as: CPU cores, memory size, disk capacity, network I/O performance, etc. Each instance runs its own ADAPA. So, each instance has its own ADAPA Console where you will be able to manage models as well as data files.

For more information on ADAPA on the Amazon Cloud, make sure to check the ADAPA page on the Zementis website


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