Security on Amazon EC2

This posting addresses a question that many of our customers have asked:

"Is my data secure with ADAPA on Amazon EC2"?

The short answer is "yes".

Zementis has implemented extensive security measures to ensure that your data and your predictive models are protected with the ADAPA scoring engine:
  • Private: nothing is shared, your ADAPA instance is under your full control and only you have the access keys.
  • Secure: access is only granted via HTTPS, management console and web service are password protected.
  • Firewall: ADAPA utilizes the Amazon EC2 firewall to the extent of maximum lockdown.
  • No residual information: once you terminate your instance, all models/data are deleted within seconds.
We would like to point out the AWS Security Whitepaper which outlines the security processes implemented by AWS. In addition to various technical details, key information in this whitepaper is that AWS is in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), SAS70 Type II, and that AWS customers have built HIPAA-compliant healthcare applications.

The Zementis ADAPA predictive analytics scoring engine on Amazon allows you to deploy your PMML models within minutes. It is a fully hosted SaaS solution with no up-front cost. You only pay for what you use, starting at less than $1/hour of machine time. Subscribe now on the AWS Marketplace to try it at no risk or read more about the features of ADAPA.


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