ADAPA is now available on all Amazon Cloud regions

ADAPA is a revolutionary scoring engine since it allows people anywhere at anytime to deploy and execute their predictive solutions as a Service on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

To address regulatory constraints and to bring the cloud closer to end-users, Amazon has been working hard in expanding its EC2 infrastructure to different regions of the globe. The latest cloud centers were recently launched in Singapore and Tokyo for the Asia-Pacific region and Sao Paulo for the South America region. The US West region also got a new cloud in Oregon. These add quite a bit of flexibility to cloud-based solutions which already benefited from the existing US West Cloud in Northern California,US East Cloud in Northern Virginia and the EU Cloud in Ireland.

Since Zementis is committed to bring the best experience to its ADAPA on the Amazon Cloud users, in the latest version of ADAPA, users can launch ADAPA instances (virtual machines running ADAPA) on all the available Amazon cloud regions.

Simply use the AWS Marketplace to sign up and launch your ADAPA instances in the region closest to you and your customers. By doing so, you insure shorter latency times.


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