Generating Aster UDFs from PMML on a Windows Client

The prepare-pmml.bat script (attached below) enables generation of user defined functions (UDF) from PMML files on a Windows client. This script is equivalent to the *nix shell script which comes pre-packaged with UPPI Aster distribution. The only requirement for successful execution of this script is that Java Development Kit 6 (JDK 6) is installed on the windows machine and JAVA_HOME environment variable has been set to point to the root directory of JDK 6 installation. The script usually sets the JAVA_HOME automatically if it is not set. If the User does not have privileges to set environment variables, JAVA_HOME can be set to the desired value at the beginning of the script.

To generate the UDFs, open command line utility program in windows and navigate to UPPI_HOME/bin directory. Copy the attached prepare-pmml.bat script to this location and execute it by typing the following command:

prepare-pmml.bat PATH_TO_PMML_FILES

Where PATH_TO_PMML_FILES is the location of the parent folder where PMML files are located.


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