Creating (and Modifying) Predictive Models in PMML: Recorded Joint Webinar from KNIME and Zementis

This on-demand webinar starts with Iris Adae from KNIME giving an overview of PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language standard as well as the extensive support KNIME offers for PMML. PMML is the de facto standard for predictive analytics and can be produced by KNIME for a number of modeling techniques as well as data pre-processing nodes/computations. 

Iris' presentation and demo are then followed by Alex Guazzelli from Zementis who shows how easy it is for anyone to benefit from models built in KNIME or R and deployed in the Zementis ADAPA Scoring Engine for execution. Once uploaded in ADAPA, models are available for scoring via web-services (SOAP or REST). KNIME can then be used to connect to a database to score data in ADAPA via the REST API. The use-cases presented are described in the following posting:

On-demand webinar (available on YouTube): 


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