PMML Examples

For a list of PMML examples (different use-cases and techniques), please refer to the "Help" page of the ADAPA Console. You will find a link to sample files in the "ADAPA Documentation and Samples Table" (see figure below). Once the .zip file containing the sample files is downloaded and uncompressed, it will reveal a number of PMML files with their corresponding scored data files for uploading in ADAPA. All the sample files are described in the "ADAPA Solutions Guide", which is also available through the "Help" page of the ADAPA Console.


For UPPI users, the same sample files are part of the UPPI package itself. Look for the "pmml" directory in the UPPI distribution.

Another great source of PMML examples is the Data Mining Group (DMG) website.  These can be accessed by following the link below.


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