Finding out more about PMML ...

The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is an XML-based language which provides a standard for applications to define statistical and data mining models and to share models between PMML compliant applications.

Therefore, proprietary issues and incompatibilities should no longer be a barrier to the exchange of models between applications from different vendors.

The following are good resources to learn more about PMML and all its elements:

You can find out more on PMML by taking a look at the DMG (Data Mining Group) website. Else, you will also find examples and information on exporters and converters in the PMML Resources page of the Zementis website.

For an on-going discussion and to read about the latest PMML news, feel free to join the PMML group in LinkedIn or the discussion forum in the PMML group on Analytic Bridge, a social network community for analytics professionals.


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