IBM Article - Predictive analytics in healthcare: The importance of open standards


As digital records and information become the norm in healthcare, it enables the building of predictive analytic solutions. These predictive models, when interspersed with the day to day operations of healthcare providers and insurance companies, have the potential to lower cost and improve the overall health of the population. As predictive models become more pervasive, the need for a standard, which can be used by all the parties involved in the modeling process: from model building to operational deployment, is paramount. The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), is such a standard. It allows for predictive solutions to be easily shared between applications and systems. This article describes the latest release of PMML, Version 4.1, and several ways it can be used to expedite the adoption and use of predictive solutions in the healthcare industry.

Please review the article we wrote on PMML and Healthcare for the IBM developerWorks website.


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