IBM Article - What is PMML? Explore the Power of Predictive Analytics and Open Standards


Predictive analytics is an integral part of our daily lives. At this very moment, predictive solutions are busy at work, monitoring financial transactions for fraud and abuse, recommending movies and other products, or selecting the next best offer you will get from your favorite store. As much as it permeates our lives today, the application of predictive analytics is bound to increase, especially among data intensive situations and fields such as predictive maintenance. In the wake of the gulf tragedy, predictive maintenance can provide yet another tool for safe guarding operations and ensuring safety and process reliability. While predictive analytics can offer solutions to alert us of problems before they actually happen, open standards such as PMML are key ingredients for ensuring that the building and deployment of predictive maintenance solutions is application independent and so agile and transparent.

Please review the article we wrote on PMML and Predictive Maintenance for the IBM developerWorks website.


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