IBM Article - Representing Predictive Solutions in PMML: Move from Raw Data to Predictions


PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language, is the de facto standard used to represent a myriad of predictive modeling techniques, such as Association Rules, Cluster Models, Neural Networks, and Decision Trees. These techniques empower companies around the globe to extract hidden patterns from data and use them to forecast behavior. In this article, start with a look at the predictive modeling techniques that are directly supported by the standard. However, given that a predictive solution is more than the statistical techniques it harbors, then dive even deeper into the language and explore the transformations and functions that are used for data processing by illustrating the use of data pre-processing and modeling in PMML as it is used to represent a complete predictive solution.

Please review the article we wrote on PMML and Predictive Solution for the IBM developerWorks website.


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