Webinar: Deploying Predictive Analytics with PMML, Rattle, and ADAPA

Presenters: Ray DiGiacomo - Lion Data Systems
Dr. Graham Williams - Togaware
Dr. Alex Guazzelli - Zementis Inc.

Download the webinar presentation and video

In this webinar, hosted by Ray DiGiacomo, Jr. from Lion Data Systems, Dr. Graham Williams from Togaware and Dr. Alex Guazzelli from Zementis come together to present the building of predictive models in R/Rattle and their deployment in ADAPA, the Zementis Scoring Engine. Ray starts the webinar by giving a thorough introduction to PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language. He is then followed by Dr. Williams who presents and gives a demo of the Rattle R GUI. He builds several predictive models and exports them in PMML. These are then used by Dr. Guazzelli to demo the deployment capabilities of ADAPA.


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